Welcome to the Research Lab for Language, Cognition and Behaviour

Our research explores the relations between language, cognition and behaviour in a range of contexts.

Current Studies
The Understanding of Overstatements, Understatements and Irony in Typically Developing Children and Children with Autism (Yani Malai & Gabriella Rundblad, King's College London)
Mental representations, folk beliefs and linguistic obstacles in the understanding of heatwaves and cold spells (Chris Tang & Gabriella Rundblad, King's College London, and Virginia Murray, Public Health England)
The development of metaphor understanding in Arabic speaking children (Alaa Almohammadi & Gabriella Rundblad, King's College London)

Recent papers
Olofson, E.L., Casey, D., Oluyedun, O.A., Van Herwegen, J., Becerra, A., and Rundblad, G. 2014. Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Comprehend Lexicalized and Novel Primary Conceptual Metaphors. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 44:10:2568-2583.
Rundblad, G., Knapton, O., and Hunter, P. 2014. The causes and circumstances of drinking water incidents impact consumer behaviour: comparison of a routine versus a natural disaster incident. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 11(11): 11915-11930.
Knapton, O., and Rundblad, G. 2014. Public health in the UK media: Cognitive Discourse Analysis and its application to a drinking water emergency. In Hart, C. and Cap, P (eds.), Contemporary Studies in Critical Discourse Analysis, 559-582. Bloomsbury Press.
Rundblad, G., and Tang, C. 2013. Uncovering public perceptions of scary contaminants and how and how not to communicate about them: a mixed-methods approach incorporating cognitive semantics . The Lancet 382: S11.
Van Herwegen, J., Dimitriou, D., and Rundblad, G. 2013. Development of novel metaphor and metonymy comprehension in typically developing children and Williams syndrome. Research in developmental disabilities 34(4): 1300-11.
Van Herwegen, J., Dimitrou, D., and Rundblad, G. 2013. Performance on verbal and low-verbal false belief tasks: evidence from children with Williams Syndrome. Journal of Communication Disorders 46(5-6): 440-448.
Rundblad, G., and Annaz, D. 2010. The atypical development of metaphor and metonymy comprehension in children with Autism. Autism 14: 29-46.
Rundblad, G., and Annaz, D. 2010. Development of metaphor and metonymy comprehension: receptive vocabulary and conceptual knowledge. British Journal of Developmental Psychology 28: 547-563.


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